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Welcome to Tajweed Line™

Often our client use our Tajweed line as they listen with an attentive heart, pondering the meaning of what one is listening to. The one who adheres to these two commands when the Book of Allah is recited will attain a great deal of good, beneficial knowledge, ongoing and renewed faith, increased guidance and insight into his religion. Hence Allah connected the attainment of mercy to them, which indicates that the one who does not keep quiet and listen attentively when the Book is recited to him will be deprived of the share of mercy and has missed out on a great deal of good.

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Quran Promotes Brain’s Capability

It is known that the cells in the brain can process many kinds of information by producing electric fields to interact with others. At this point, brain cells work in performing its capability by processing the sound and vibration. As a result, by listening to Quran, it is shown the positive result in balancing the brain cells as well as promoting the brain’s capability.

Quran Removes Body Toxins

In the same way, the health benefits of listening to Quran includes the way it removes the body toxins. This one is related to the function of promoting the brain function as well. As brain controls everything, then it will work to reduce the bad effects in the body. Then, listening to Quran will bring the positive effect in reducing the damage of environmental stress in the body. Hence, if you want to get rid of the risks of health damage, then listening to Quran is always be the great choice for sure.

Quran Promotes Mental Health

listening to Quran can help you to achieve best health results including for the mental health. It gives the positive result in brain performing. The process of listening to Quran has related the memory formation, attention, and the visual perception. As a result, it will boost the confidence, promote the learning skills such as speech ability and improve the memory as well. Thus, if you can promote the mental health, then it should be done by listening to Quran for sure.

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Feedback from clients

"Very professional service. I feel like my children learn a lot from Tajweed Line. Their tajweed has signifcantly improved by using Tajweed Line daily."


"Extremely useful service, my children enjoy listening to Tajweed Line while doing their homework. Thank you for this amazing idea!"


"Beautiful recitations, and it is indeed soothing for the young and old. I would definitely recommend Tajweed Line!"


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